Do you need a metal connection in your daily life or work?

We have made it easy for you to use it.

It is light and easy to carry, such as an electric drill.

Alphalwel assures creativity and safety by registering domestic and foreign patents and obtaining KC and CE certification.

World's first gun-type ultra light welder Alphawel!


Introducing Alphawel’s Arc Welder.

Product Composition

Description G90 G3.2 G80
Input Voltage 220V±10% 220V±10% 110V±10%
1-phase 1-phase 1-phase
50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle 90A @23.2V 100A @23.2V
50% Duty Cycle
80A @23.2V
Amperage Range
20~90A 30~120A 20~80A
Max. Open-Circuit
78V 78V 104V
Dimensions (mm) To be supplied 254 (H)x237(D)x86(W) To be supplied
Net Weight (kg) 1.5

Box Configuration


Tools in life, welder!

It is small and light at 1.5kg.

The World's smallest and lightest arc welder!
It is advantageous for work in a high space and traveling work.
It can be welded without holder cable with body and torch integral type.

Waist VS. shoulder

Moving is now easier. It is very convenient for simple work. It is possible to work on the shoulder or waist depending on the use of the person welding. It can be used as a conventional torch mode by simply replacing the holder cable in the welding machine main body.

Small but Safe!

It is safe because there is electric shock protection function.

The electric shock prevention function is a safety device that prevents the electric shock accident by supplying the electric current only at the time of welding and not outputting current at normal times.

Hot start function facilitates welding start.

The hot start function compensates for the start delay caused by the electric shock protection function, thereby reducing arc start failure and facilitating weld start.

Small but Smart!

Stable Input Voltage Control

Equipped with SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) function in the input power supply, constant voltage control is provided to the fluctuation of input voltage.

Stable Output Current Control

Stable supply of output current even under load fluctuation makes excellent weld bead and less spatter.


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